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Written by Felicity Newsome

By Jo Eames

Big Five Summer Drinks

“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date” to be sure. Especially in the UK and we’re nearly at the end of it – close enough to look back and see what people have been drinking. With (hopefully) still a few warm days left in which to join them.


Our big 5 this summer have been:

1. Grand Gins- what better Friday * night (*substitute whatever night the week ends in your world) than a grand goblet of Hendricks gin with ice, juniper berries, sparkling Fentimans and a slice of cucumber? Hendricks is by far and away our best-seller, though my favourite is still the cocktail barman’s classic, Beefeater and Schweppes


2. Pimm’s- the classic gin-based summer cup. The only drink that gives you pudding and a good dose of your 5-a-day into the bargain.


3. Sipmsith Summer Cup- the young pretender to Pimm’s crown. Tasted in the distillery in Chiswick (a former garage) on a cold February morning, it’s lovely peachy colour and delicious fresh tastes transported us to summer. We’ve all been drinking it at home- and have been pleasantly surprised at how so many of you have.


4. Prosecco- is there no end to the onward march of Prosecco? Having routed champagne, it’s now stealing share from it’s neighbour, Pinot Grigio. Happily, ours is a good quality spumante- winner two years running at the Sommelier Wine Awards. Beware cheap imitations- there simply cannot be that much Prosecco.


5. Mojitos- however much mixologists hate them, people continue to love mojitos. Even without the rum. Our non-alcoholic mojitos with apple or cranberry juice top our sales of booze-free drinks


So if you haven’t made the most of your summer drinking time yet, come down to the pub and try one of the Big Five.

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