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We are now well into the Summer Season which means that there’s an abundance of fresh and delicious fruit and veg. And guess what guys, here at The Barns we’re especially excited that it’s prime time for peaches! This means they’re extra juicy and extra sweet at the moment, and perfect for either eating them on their own, or using them in your cooking.

So here’s everything you need to know about peaches; The Peach Preach, if you like.

Firstly, lets start off with the brief history of the peach, to get your juices flowing.

The peach origins lie in China, where it has been cultivated since around 1000 B.C.E. In Chinese culture the peach tree is known as ‘The Tree of Life’, and peaches are a symbol of immortality and unity. Although China remains the largest producer of the peach, the one’s we find at our local Sainsbury’s will most likely be produced in Italy, who is the main exporter for Europe.

Aside from being delish and having (debatably) interesting roots, peaches also have heaps of nutritional value. Firstly, and most importantly for us gals, they are easy on the waist at only 37 calories! They are also good sources of vitamins A, B and C and the juice is used in many creams and moisturisers to help make us beautiful!

Buying Peaches

Now’s the time to buy folks!

The key is to avoid the wrinkley or green ones, and look for the fruit which has soft, velvety skin and which are bright in colour. It should also give slightly when you press with the palm of your hand.

We’ve all fallen culprit to storing fruit in the fridge to make it last that little bit longer. But doing this can make the flesh go floury. No one wants a floury peach!

Eat and Drink Peaches

Peaches are a great snack, just as they are, with the juices running down your face and arms, but they can be fantastic used in cooking too. In deserts they can be eaten raw with lashings of cream or honey to add some extra sweetness or they are delicious baked in the oven as part of a tart or crumble. Poaching peaches in a light red wine is also a classic Italian desert and a lovely way to serve them.


Peaches are also excellent caramelised on a hot griddle pan. Add this to one of your favourite salads or on the side of a duck dish to add a delicious sweet and fruity dimension.



Blitz up the peach and top up with a bit of fizz to make a wonderful Bellini, which is a fantastic summery cocktail to get you in the summer spirit.


Interesting Peachy Fact: The Peach, along with cherries, plums, apricots and even apples and pears are in the Rose family.

Now you know why we are going fruity for the peach! Don’t forget to look on any of of pub blogs for info on our latest competition. We want to see all your favourite peachy recipes!

Submit your entry to any of the Peach Pubs Facebook pages before the 21st of August and our favourite will win a bottle of bubbly!

Written by Issy Court

Sophie White

Written by Sophie White

Homemaker and Gin lover. Keen on upholstery and Espresso Martinis.

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