Who We Are

welcome to peach

Peach is a collection of really great pubs, mainly in market towns in the heart of England, that serve good quality, fresh, honest food and drink in relaxed, welcoming surroundings. Our pubs are full of character and individuality; great places for local people, businesses, families and tourists to eat, drink, sleep and call their own. Every pub is unique, individually designed to suit their town or village, and respecting each pub’s history.


Our pubs are lovely, but it’s our people that make them stand out. Each one is a well-loved “local” to its regulars (hosting a wealth of fun events and special occasions and supporting good causes), as well as offering a warm welcome to every new face. This focus on great service has won Peach several Customer Service Awards, including a National Customer Service Award, beating Waitrose and Specsavers.


Peach is not a chain, it’s a group of like-minded enthusiasts. We will never be the biggest pub company; we’re out for perfection on a small scale, fuelled by passion for good food and drink and a keen interest in sustainability.

our people

We think people make all the difference in our pubs and we work hard to make our team feel just as much at home as our guests. We have a great way of working with our teams, giving people a real share in what they do and a proper bonus scheme that hands out a big chunk of the money we make to the people who actually make it.


We are especially proud to have been named Best Employers  in Hospitality five years running (based on our own team’s anonymous feedback). We take career development seriously, with courses at every level – from Heroes of Hospitality for our waiting team, to Peach Leaders Days and seasonal Chef Days for our senior team.

The founders

Lee Cash is a restaurateur to his bones. Trained and mentored by Robin Sheppard and Raymond Blanc, he started Peach at the age of 27 with a clear conviction that people would embrace a pub that served great quality food and drink at a sensible price in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Happily, he was right. Today he leads the business by finding new pubs and partners, inspiring and training our team and finding innovative ways to keep our business as fresh as our food. He is Peach personified.


Hamish Stoddart is a financial whizz with a family background in the food industry going back four generations. With a passion for building world-class service teams, he aims to build a world-class service business to match. With a strong creative vision and a great head for business, he overseas all our technical processes and buying strategies, while also heading up the marketing team.


Jo Eames provides the creative flair behind the “look and feel” of all our pubs, handling layout, décor and renovation. She is also our very own wine expert, responsible for selecting the wine lists, while working with Lee and the head chef team to develop each pub’s seasonal menus. Creative, commercial and perfectionist, Jo’s goal is to make sure Peach pubs always stand out from the crowd.